"Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu, Romania
Faculty of Economic Sciences

Economic Sciences Faculties Association of Romania – AFER
Management Academic Society of Romania - SAMRO

jointly organize

21st International Economic Conference – IECS 2014

"Prospects of Economic Recovery in a Volatile International Context: Major Obstacles, Initiatives and Projects"

Papers may cover topics in Economics, European Integration, Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Insurance and Economic Informatics, bearing on the Conference theme.

Your experience and ideas are very interesting for us and for all the participants and you are welcome to participate.

Convinced that your taking part in the Conference will grant the success of this impressive event, we thank you and we deem our full appreciation.

Hope to see you soon at the 21th International Economic Conference – IECS 2014 !

Organizing Committee.

IECS 2014 - Call for papers

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